The best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta

A place between a dense green jungle and the high mountains facing to the colored view of a sea of turquoise waters in Puerto Vallarta. Is here, were your dreams come true, here is where you can find Villa Lala and Love Nest Hotels.

This unique location offers to all visitors all what you could wish for to disconnect of the daily routine and going back to basics. But, what could make this experience so much even better? Sharing it with your loved one of course! That is why Villa Lala and Love Nest are the best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta, because they are the hidden paradise anyone could be asking for. The ideal escape with your partner under millions of colored sunsets.

If you still find yourself a bit skeptical about it, here we will give you a top 5 romantic ideas about what you can do in Villa Lala and Love Nest to convince you:

1-º  Why not starting with a peacefully romantic walk throughout the magical trails of this natural place and get to know what all is it all about?

Whether you are in Villa Lala or Love Nest, having an intimate walk while discovering hidden places and creating new memories with your love will be an amazing experience. Coexisting with colored flowers and exotic plants, high trees and listening to the sing of the birds and breath the fresh air with touches of the salty breeze is a nice way to start and plan the next adventures at your staying in Villa Lala & Love Nest.

"The ideal escape with your partner under millions of colored sunsets."

2-º  Time to enjoy of the sun and get a beautiful tanning as a couple. Let’s do paddle boarding!

At Villa Lala and Love Nest, we love water adventures and there is nothing cooler than going out with your partner and do a funny activity through the fresh and crystal clear waters of our beach. We assure you that, after recharging your batteries from a long trip with a good breakfast cooked to order, you both will have the energy to find it out. It is worth mentioning that in Villa Lala we count with our small private dock for all water activities we offer; so bring your sunscreen and the best bathing suit! A great day awaits you under the sun and on a sea of infinite blue color.

"In Villa Lala we count with our small private dock for all water activities we offer"

3-º If what you two seek to do is somewhat relaxed, our Infinity Pool is the nice spot for doing that.

Read a book, order an exotic drink while contemplating the landscape of melted colors during sunset, talk about your future plans, you won’t need more inspiration than this! Let the afternoon take its course without any worries. Eat, drink another exotic drink and let yourself go.

In our infinity pool, the sky is the limit.

4.º Practicing Kayak and touring the beaches in Mismaloya is another great idea, since this beautiful beach is made of white sands and emerald waters, offers the great opportunity to go kayaking and explore the surroundings.

"An excellent opportunity to exercise as a couple and learn more about Puerto Vallarta and its past. "

5.º Planning something more intimate with your special one like a proposal? Or just longing to share your passion for some tasty and fancy Mexican food? Why not having a romantic dinner at our restaurant at the right moment when the sun goes down and see why Villa Lala and Love Nest are the best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta. 

The gorgeous sunsets spices up all romantic dinners. Besides, our gourmet restaurant is à la carte; you can choose what you’d both like to eat on that very special night. Our chef will be there to please you, taking every one of your special needs into consideration.

What are you waiting for? Come to Villa Lala and Love Nest and put these great romantic ideas into practice.

Where else?
Only at Villa Lala and Love Nest, in Puerto Vallarta.

Have you already stayed with us and became a witness of all the marvels that Villa Lala and Love Nest can offer?

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