Petite private beach - Villa lala boutique hotel in puerto vallarta

Beautiful Aerial Views at Villa Lala Boutique Hotel

Beautiful Aerial Views at Villa Lala Boutique Hotel

Welcome to our boutique hotel in Puerto Vallarta, where breathtaking views await you at every turn. Prepare to be captivated by the magnificent sights that surround us, offering a truly unforgettable experience for all our guests.

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Puerto Vallarta, our hotel provides a front-row seat to nature’s grandeur. From the golden sunsets over the Pacific Ocean to the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains, every moment spent here is one to cherish.

Imagine waking up to the soft hues of pink and orange as the sun rises over the ocean. Step onto your private balcony and soak in the panoramic views that stretch far and wide, making you feel like you’re at the edge of the world. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of the bustling city or the serene blues of the ocean, our hotel offers vistas that effortlessly blend beauty and tranquility.

Private dock - Villa lala boutique hotel in puerto vallarta
Petite private beach - Villa lala boutique hotel in puerto vallarta
Petite private beach - Villa lala boutique hotel in puerto vallarta
Romantic hotel in Puerto Vallarta-Boutique hotel in puerto vallarta-Villa Lala

At our boutique hotel, we believe that location is everything. That’s why we’ve curated a space that seamlessly blends luxury and nature, offering you an unparalleled experience. Come and discover the magnificent views that await you in Puerto Vallarta. Book your stay with us today and let us create memories that will last a lifetime.

Romantic Picnic in Puerto Vallarta 🫶💘

Romantic Picnic in Puerto Vallarta

Picnics are a great way to bring a little romance into any relationship. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to experience the beauty of Puerto Vallarta with your significant other, our hotel boutique has everything you need for a memorable picnic in Puerto Vallarta.

Embrace the beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city, with its ocean views, lush jungle and mountain backdrop. The weather is perfect year-round warm but not too hot. The food here is delicious, whether you’re looking for fresh seafood or traditional Mexican cuisine. There are many things to do in Puerto Vallarta: take an excursion into nature by hiking through the jungle; shop at local markets, go scuba diving, go snorkel, visit galleries; attend festivals that celebrate Mexican culture like Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) or Carnaval (Carnival).

Get inspired by the mesmerizing views and experience a romantic picnic in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is a magical place. There’s something about being surrounded by water that makes you feel calm and relaxed, and the beauty of this city will take your breath away. It’s no surprise then that many couples choose to get married here or spend their honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta!



Discover the perfect spot to host a romantic picnic in Puerto Vallarta.

The best places to host a romantic picnic in Puerto Vallarta are those that are close to the water, or near to green spaces. You will want a place that is away from traffic and noise as well. Villa Lala Romantic boutique hotel offers guests all of these things when you visit us for your next romantic getaway!

Take advantage of our restaurant’s delicious menu items while you enjoy your picnic outside on our terrace overlooking the beach, or in one of our private suites by the poolside bar where you can order drinks from our friendly staff who will mix up any drink you desire (or just let them know what kind of mood you’re in).


Enjoy a romantic picnic in Puerto Vallarta in Villa Lala

Our Romantic picnics includes everything you need for a memorable experience including artisanal charcuterie, your favorite bottle of wine, blankets, pillows, lanterns and more!

Enjoy this romantic picnic with your loved one on our beachfront terrace overlooking the stunning bay of Puerto Vallarta.


Hosting a romantic picnic in Puerto Vallarta is a great way to spend some time with your loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon, this package will make it memorable for sure!

Discover our romantic corners for an unforgettable memories

Let your senses take center stage while you delight the view of the ocean

Vast relaxation areas with a tropical glace around our villa

4 Romantics Activities in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is a great place for romantic getaways. It offers a variety of activities so you can do with your partner, from relaxing to adventurous. Puerto Vallarta is where the jungle meets the beach so you get the best of both worlds. Located in the heart of Mexico on the Pacific coast and framed by the Sierra Madre Mountains, Puerto Vallarta is a quick flight from almost entire US.

3 Romantic activities in puerto vallarta- Villa Lala Boutique Hotel
3 Romantic activities in puerto vallarta- Villa Lala Boutique Hotel

Get an ATV Tour in
Sierra Madre for couples

Honduras # 135 Col. 5 de Diciembre Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco


ATV Tour in Sierra Madre Mountains is the most popular tour for couples in Puerto Vallarta. You will cross the Cuale River, roar up the Sierra Madre mountains and ends the tour tasting some local tequila and make tortillas and salsa.

This tour will take you on a thrilling ride through the jungle of Sierra Madre Mountains. You will get muddy, climb steep hills and enjoy a breathtaking view.

The ATVs are 4×4 automatic transmission with automatic transmission shifter. They are equipped with safety belts as well as helmets for you and your partner. If you want to experience an adventure like no other, this is it! The ATV ride begins at 9:00am or 2:00pm sharp and lasts about 4 hours.

This tour includes:

  • Expert guide
  • ATV with automatic transmission
  • An experienced driver with a professional attitude
  • Helmets
3 Romantic activities in Puerto Vallarta-ATV Tours in Puerto Vallarta- Estigo Tours
3 Romantic activities in Puerto Vallarta-ATV Tours in Puerto Vallarta- Estigo Tours

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner
at Puerto Vallarta

Location: Calle Matamoros 906, Centro, 48300 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Reserve a table: 322 222 0510

Romantic Dinner in Puerto Vallarta is one of the top choices for romantic dates and celebration dinners with your loved ones. One of our favorite places to dinner with a sunset view is do not doubt Barcelona Tapas at Puerto Vallarta’s downtown, those offers Spanish cuisine and elevated drinks.

The place has an awesome view of the open ocean and typical orange rooftops of the village which makes it perfect for romantic dates as well as special celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and just any other day that you want to spend with your loved ones.

The ambiance is vibrant with a good taste of music,  so you can have a quiet conversation with your date or friends enjoying the view, the exquisite music, and delicious food. They also have live music on weekends which adds more life to their already romantic environment!  The food here is real Spanish cuisine that is made with love and passion from scratch every day by their chefs who only use local ingredients so it’s always fresh!

If you want something sweet after dinner then try one of their desserts like chocolate profiteroles which everyone loves because it’s really delicious!



3 Romantic activities in Puerto Vallarta-Barcelona Tapas- Spanish Dishes at Puerto Vallarta- Villa Lala
3 Romantic activities in Puerto Vallarta-Barcelona Tapas- Spanish Dishes at Puerto Vallarta- Villa Lala

Get a Tatto togueter
at Puerto Vallarta

Location: 31 de Octubre 131, 5 de Diciembre, 48350 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Reserve a turn: 52 322 222 6481

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate an special day this year, look no further than getting your significant other a tattoo. You’ll spend weeks talking about what each symbol means and then, once it’s on their body forever, you’ll have an awesome story to tell at the dinner table.

A tattoo is a very special piece of art, often symbolizing important events in our lives. It is that very reason you need to reserve time for your tattoo. Many people have booked their appointment months in advance, so avoid missing out on the one you’ve dreamed about for years.


Reserve a tattoo today

Spend a night (at least) in
Villa Lala Boutique Hotel

Location:  Carretera Barra de Navidad Km. 16 No. 5696 Puerto Vallarta


Villa Lala Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the jungle. A hidden gem in the southern coastline of Puerto Vallarta,  5 minutes away of Boca de Tomatlán, a beach picturesque village and have an impressive open wide view of Pacific ocean and mountains.

Spend the day on the infinity pool, delight yourself with the Mexican cuisine and enjoy  relaxations moments in the pretty vast green areas around the villa.  If you and your partner feel adventurous take a hike through the mountains to hidden beaches, paddle for a while or kayaking along the bay.

Villa Lala has a vast variety of features but our favorite it is its salt pool into the ocean, their private beach and dock and the natural mini gym.  The main features are an infinity pool, salt pool, private beach, private dock, and so on but the most important thing is that each room has its own jacuzzi*.

Each stylish suite have Tantra sofa,  and extra big beds which make it more romantic for couples, an in-room jacuzzi, sun beds, and some have a very private infinity pool available. Another great thing about this hotel is its service quality; all staff is ready to take care of your stay and they think about your comfort before you need it.

The breakfast is also included with vegan options and is always open is you would need a special change in your menu.



We hope this list of romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta helps you plan your next getaway. While the beach-city is quite touristy, it’s very popular for exceptional reasons and you will really enjoy your visit.

Do not forget to sample the awesome street food whenever you can, walk the local markets, and enjoy the whole city.

Remember that Puerto Vallartas It’s the safest destination in Mexico and offers to visitors a great ambient to enjoy a vacations time. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time in Puerto Vallarta, whether you’re on a romantic trip with your partner or not. You don’t have to stress yourself with planning every second of your vacation, just choose an activity for each day and then do what feels right at the moment.

5 Romantic things to do at Villa Lala and Love Nest ♥️

The best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta

A place between a dense green jungle and the high mountains facing to the colored view of a sea of turquoise waters in Puerto Vallarta. Is here, were your dreams come true, here is where you can find Villa Lala and Love Nest Hotels.

This unique location offers to all visitors all what you could wish for to disconnect of the daily routine and going back to basics. But, what could make this experience so much even better? Sharing it with your loved one of course! That is why Villa Lala and Love Nest are the best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta, because they are the hidden paradise anyone could be asking for. The ideal escape with your partner under millions of colored sunsets.

If you still find yourself a bit skeptical about it, here we will give you a top 5 romantic ideas about what you can do in Villa Lala and Love Nest to convince you:

3-º If what you two seek to do is somewhat relaxed, our Infinity Pool is the nice spot for doing that.

Read a book, order an exotic drink while contemplating the landscape of melted colors during sunset, talk about your future plans, you won’t need more inspiration than this! Let the afternoon take its course without any worries. Eat, drink another exotic drink and let yourself go.

In our infinity pool, the sky is the limit.

4.º Practicing Kayak and touring the beaches in Mismaloya is another great idea, since this beautiful beach is made of white sands and emerald waters, offers the great opportunity to go kayaking and explore the surroundings.

"An excellent opportunity to exercise as a couple and learn more about Puerto Vallarta and its past. "

5.º Planning something more intimate with your special one like a proposal? Or just longing to share your passion for some tasty and fancy Mexican food? Why not having a romantic dinner at our restaurant at the right moment when the sun goes down and see why Villa Lala and Love Nest are the best romantic hotels in Puerto Vallarta. 

The gorgeous sunsets spices up all romantic dinners. Besides, our gourmet restaurant is à la carte; you can choose what you’d both like to eat on that very special night. Our chef will be there to please you, taking every one of your special needs into consideration.

What are you waiting for? Come to Villa Lala and Love Nest and put these great romantic ideas into practice.

Where else?
Only at Villa Lala and Love Nest, in Puerto Vallarta.

Have you already stayed with us and became a witness of all the marvels that Villa Lala and Love Nest can offer?

We want to hear From you about your experience with us!